No CreditYou have options!
Are you struggling with poor credit or are you just starting out and have no credit at all? It can be frustrating to have the doors of opportunity closed on you at the big banks! With you in mind, your Credit Union has developed a suite of products to meet your needs and help you start building your credit to get on track for even greater future endeavors (like buying a home or that new car you've been eyeing!).

Share Secured MasterCard: with this credit card, you would have funds secured in a share/savings account with that same balance available to use on your MasterCard. When you use this card (and all your credit) wisely, your credit will start to improve.

Download, complete and fax, mail or scan and email your Visa application today!

Easy Cash: This is the EASIEST way to get the cash you need. Get $1000 Easy Cash and pay only about $100 a month. This promotion is offered twice a year for a limited time and requires a 6 month minimum membership with a minimum of $100 in payroll deductions during that time. No lengthy approvals, no full credit evaluations. Direct deposit to cover current CU obligations plus the easyCASH loan required. Certain restrictions may apply. Contact us at 410-828-4500 or memberservice@ccumd.org for more information.

2% Auto Rate Drop:
Do you already have a car loan elsewhere? We bet you're paying more than you need to for it! Bring that auto loan to CCUMD and let us drop your rate by 2%. No lengthy approvals, no full credit evaluations. We're now approving more loans than ever. New loan will mirror existing loan in terms of cosigners and payoff term; last 6 months of loan must have been paid on time; floor of 1.99% annual percentage rate. Offer not valid for existing CCUMD auto loans or leased vehicles. Other restrictions may apply. Apply online now!

Renew Checking:
Enjoy the benefits of finally having a checking account with a debit card once again. Have you had some trouble with checking accounts in the past? Looking for a checking account to help you get back on your feet? Renew Checking can give you a renewed opportunity to handle your personal finances. Even if you have a record on Chexsystems, you may be able to open a Renew Checking Account. Renew Checking must be established with net pay direct deposit and does incur a monthly fee (see fee schedule). After 12 months of appropriate usage, you may reapply for a free CENTRALchecking account! Let your Credit Union renew your hopes of having a checking account! Apply for your Renew Checking today.