The IRS, NOT Central Credit Union of MD, controls when the Economic Impact Payment (Stimulus Check) will be deposited.

Members with Online/Mobile Banking may see a payment pending in their account before the actual receipt of the payment. If you don't have Online/Mobile Banking Sign Up today!

We do NOT have information about when an individual member will receive their Stimulus Payment.

Funds will be released based on the effective date determined by the US Treasury Department, which may be March 17th or later.

If the IRS attempts to send your payment electronically to a closed account or account with incorrect info, the payment will not process and they will then likely issue a paper check/prepaid debit card at a later date.

The IRS has an online tool called "Get My Payment", that allows recipients to track the status of their payment. We encourage you to visit for the latest information.

Beware of Stimulus Check Fraud, visit the Federal Trade Commission's Website,