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Save money on the car you're already driving!

Couple, child, and keys in man's handsRefinance Your Auto Loan and Drop Your Interest Rate by 2%
Did you finance your auto at the dealer or through another financial institution? You may be paying WAY TOO MUCH! Refinancing is EASY and FAST!

Transfer your current auto loan from another lender to Central Credit Union, and we'll drop your current rate by 2%--it could save you money every month, AND over the life of the loan.  Don’t wait to save money on the car you already love!


Buying a New or Used Car? Get Pre-Approved at Central Credit Union and Shop with Confidence!
Getting pre-approved for your auto loan before you shop can save you time and money. Pre-approval allows you to search for autos that are within your budget, and you’ll save time when you’re ready to buy.

We offer the same low rates for both new and used vehicles. APPLY TO BUY NOW!

GAP Insurance through Central Credit Union helps you save when the unexpected happens
Industry statistics indicate that a new vehicle loses 30% of its value in the first year, and 20% in the second year. If your vehicle is ever stolen or is declared a total loss from an accident, you could find yourself owing more on your loan than your vehicle is worth.

Your auto insurance company will reimburse the auto lender for what your vehicle is worth, and you will be responsible for making up the difference UNLESS you have GAP Insurance.

For example: Let’s say you bought your car for $10,000. You put $500 down, so your loan balance is $9,500.
10 months later, your car is in an accident. The damage is extensive and the insurance company deems it a Total Loss, meaning it can’t be fixed.

After researching the market value of your car, the insurance company determines that your car is worth $8,400. Since your loan balance is $9,500, you will be required to write a check to your lender for the $1,100.00 difference. If you have GAP Insurance, your out of pocket expense to pay off the loan would be $0.

Protect yourself with low cost GAP Insurance when you finance your car through Central Credit Union. You'll save hundreds of dollars compared to buying GAP Insurance at a dealer.
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