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How do I become a member?
If you work for one of our member companies or if you have a family member who already has an account with us, simply fill out the membership application and mail it to us with a minimum deposit of $10 and a legible copy of your valid photo ID. If your company is not yet affiliated with CCUMD, please have someone in your HR department contact us at memberservice@ccumd.org to inquire about becoming a member company and adding Credit Union membership to your benefits package. Due to federal regulations additional identifying information may be required. Please refer to the Membership Application for more details.

How long do I have to be a member before I can apply for a loan?
You can join and apply for a loan at the same time! There is no waiting period.

Why must my change of address be in writing?
This step is solely for the security of our members. We require your change of address to be in writing so we can verify the signature against your membership application. Identity thieves are known to change an address on an account and then request additional services be mailed to the new address—this is what we want to prevent.

I joined through my employer. Do I need to close my account if I leave that employer?
Of course not! ONCE A MEMBER, ALWAYS A MEMBER. You don't have to close your account, but if you have payroll deduction or direct deposit to a loan at CCUMD from your former employer, contact our Loan Department to make other payment arrangements.

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How long does it take to receive my debit or ATM/Debit/Credit card?
You should receive your card within 7-10 business days of the order date. Once you receive it, please activate it immediately.

Can the Credit Union reset my ATM/Debit card pin number if I lose/forget it?
For our members' security, we do not have access to PINs and we are unable to reset them. You may place an order for the current pin to be sent out to you for a fee. Please refer to the fee schedule.

I received a phone call from Card Member Security, what does this mean?
Card Member Security is a valuable service that watches for fraud on our members' Debit and ATM cards. If they suspect activity on your cards that may not be yours, they call the member to verify. If you receive a call from them, please call them or the Credit Union to verify the transactions in question.

Is there a daily dollar limit when I use my ATM or Debit/Check card?
The ATM card (tied to a savings account) has a daily limit of $300, while the Debit/Check card (tied to a checking account) has a daily limit of $500 when used at an ATM. For Point of Sale purchases, the ATM card still has a $300 limit while the Debit/Check card has a $1500 limit from merchants accepting Visa Cards. Please refer to your ATM Card/Visa Check Card Information and Disclosures pamphlet for further information about using your ATM and/or Debit/Check Card.

I lost my Credit Card / Debit Card and/or my ATM Card. What do I do?
If it's during our regular business hours, please call our office at 410-828-4500. To report a lost or stolen Visa DEBIT card or ATM card after hours in the US, please call 1-888-241-2510. To report a lost or stolen card after hours outside the US call 1-909-941-1398.

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Can I start to get electronic statements instead of paper statements?
Absolutely! You may sign yourself up to receive e-Statements in CENTRALnet Internet Banking. Just log in to your account through CENTRALnet and find the e-Statement sig-up under the Services tab. Once you sign up for e-Statements you will no longer receive a paper statement. You will also be able to see past statements.

How do I set up my accounts for online access?
CENTRALnet Internet Banking is incredibly convenient. Simply go to our home page at www.ccumd.org and click Sign Up in the CENTRALnet Login box and follow the prompts. You will be able to log in (using your account number for your username and the last 4 digits of your social security number as your temporary password) within 24 business hours of receipt of your enrollment form.

What do I do if my CENTRALnet Internet Banking access is disabled?
If your account becomes disabled (usually due to a password being entered incorrectly too many times) online we will need to reset the account. There are several ways for this to be done, with a written request, in person, or simply give us a call.

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What are your hours?
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays:
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Tuesdays: 12 noon - 6:00 p.m.
Our phone hours are the same as our lobby hours.

Where are you located? Can I get directions?
8501 LaSalle Road, Towson MD 21286.
Click here for a map and directions.

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