Applications & Forms

Become a Member

Download a Membership Application today. Complete the application, add joint member information and mail it to us with your initial deposit and a legible copy of your valid state photo ID and a joint members state photo ID, if applicable.

Certificate of Deposit (CD) Application and Disclosure 

Download an Application and Disclosures today.  We have terms from 1 to 3 years and a low minimum to open of just $500.

Wire Instructions

Incoming Wires – No Charge
Wire To: Vizo Financial Corporation Credit Union
Routing #: 231387550
Credit To: Central Credit Union of Maryland
Account #: 25207587010100
Reference or Special Instructions: Member’s Name & Member’s Account Number at CCUMD

Outgoing Wires – $35.00 Fee
Outgoing wire requests must be in writing to verify member signature. You may fax requests to 410-337-4905. For outgoing wires, please contact the receiving financial institution to verify their wiring instructions. CCUMD does not offer outgoing International Wires or Western Unions. If you’re wiring to an account that is NOT in your name, you must come into the branch with a valid ID.

Name/Address Change

Please complete this form (don’t forget the signature) and include evidence of your change of address/new name. Acceptable documents are MVA change card, voters registration card, copy of your lease, or utility bill. You can FAX the form and ID information to 410-337-4905 or mail it to us at:
Central Credit Union of MD
8501 LaSalle Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21286

Policies & Disclosures

Account Agreements and Disclosures

See our Membership and Account Agreement for detailed information regarding our policies and disclosures.

Power of Attorney and Items of Deposit Addendum

Subject to provisions of applicable laws, we reserve the right not to accept a Power of Attorney to act on an account at our sole discretion. If a Power of Attorney is accepted, revocation or termination of the Power of Attorney shall not be effective until after we receive written notice of revocation or termination, or receipt of a death certificate or court order, and only after we have had a reasonable time to act upon such notice. We must have a completed Agent’s Certification as to the validity of the Power of Attorney and Agent’s Authority. We have no duty to inquire about the use or purpose of any transaction made under a Power of Attorney.

Items for Deposit or Payment will not be accepted with Restrictive Endorsements/Legends/Verbiage written on the item. The Credit Union maintains the right to refuse or to return any item.

ATM Card/VISA Check Card Information and Disclosures

Find out all the details about your ATM or Visa Check Card click here.

Your Billing Rights

This notice contains important information about your rights and our responsibilities under the Fair Credit Billing Act.

Privacy Policy

As shown in this Privacy Policy, CCUMD is dedicated to protecting your personal information and maintaining your trust in us.

Schedule of Fees